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Jaguar C-Type, 24H France WINNER, 1953

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Изчерпан M-195 CMC 1:18

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Умален мащабен модел, излят от метал
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Умален модел на автомобил, изработен от метал /Die Cast/ в мащаб 1:18, произведен от CMC.

Моделът е точно умалено копие на реалния автомобил, подходящo за колекционери. 

Ръчно изработен.  

Състав: метал и пластмаса


24H France WINNER #18 Tony Rolt / Duncan Hamilton, Jaguar Racing Team

The long-distance classic was from the beginning onwards the main target for Jaguar, they were aware of the marketing effect of a success in Le Mans. Accordingly, Jaguar’s emphasis in the development of the C-Type on high reliability and good handling characteristics. Jaguar set the balance of aerodynamics to high end speeds. Chief engineer Bill Heynes did a great job there. The chassis was redeveloped as a tubular frame. Above that frame Jaguar skinned a thin aluminum body with only one driver´s door. Designed by the gifted engineer Malcolm Sayer, who designed warplanes a few years earlier for the English Royal Airforce.

The cockpit was protected only by a small racing screen. The space conditions therein can only be described as narrow evoked by the struts of the space frame. But the Jaguar drivers found all necessary instruments in the cockpit of the C-Type and even spare spark plugs and tools for repairs during the race event.

After the retirement of the whole factory team in 1952, four C-types were completely rebuilt for the upcoming season: The revised engines received three Weber twin carburetors type 40DCO3, the body was now made of very thin aluminum sheet, the rubber tank was a product from the aircraft development. Jaguar first used the newly developed Dunlop disc brakes and a servo amplifier for brake pressure assistance. For improved roadholding in Le Mans, the rear axle got an additional support and the front axle got a stronger anti-roll bar.

The effort had paid off at the end of the race. The Jaguar boys also won and finished second, fourth and ninth. William Lyons dedicated this triumphal march to the recently enthroned Queen Elisabeth. Her Majesty returned the favor in her own way and knighted the Jaguar chief in the spring of 1956.


    • Sports car built on a tubular frame
    • Body shell made of extra thin alloy sheet metal
    • 3.4-litre 6-cylinder in-line-engine
    • Two valves per cylinder controlled by two overhead camshafts
    • Dry sump oil lubrication
    • Mixture preparation with three Weber 40DCO3 double carburettors
    • Coil/ capacitor ignition, one plug per cylinder
    • Four-speed manual gearbox mounted to the engine

    Maximum output: 230 HP at 5,500 rpm
    Displacement: 3,442 cc
    Bore x Stroke 83 x 106 mm
    Top speed: 260 Km/h (depending on ratio)
    Wheelbase: 2,438 mm
    Total length: 3,988 mm
    Total width: 1,638 mm
    Track front/rear: 1,295 / 1,295 mm
    Total height: 1,081 mm
    Curb weight: 940 kg (2072 lb.)

Допълнителна информация

Каталожен № M-195
Каталожен № на производител M-195
Наличност Изчерпан
Цвят Зелен
Мащаб 1:18
Производител CMC
Серия Не
Състав Метал и пластмаса
Епоха Следвоенна ера (1946-1960)
Възраст Не се препоръчва за лица под 14 години.

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